Longsword 235

Our new 1:10 235mm pan car is ready to hit the tracks.

"Longsword 235" is build using high quality materials and using all our knowledge collected in past years racing GT10 and Pro10 classes both indoor and outdoor.

New car is a purpose design for 235mm Pro10 electric cars.

It uses conventional link rear end with tube dampers and CRC front end. However many outstanding features had been incorporated in this chassis. As no other car Longsword235 uses 3mm carbonfiber main chassis and front suspension plate. Rear tube damper plate , designed to also protect rear axle , and center plate are made from 3,5mm carbon fibber. Rear end uses race proven sliding axle height adjustment and rear brace that allows to use additional fan for motor cooling.

Main chassis is designed so that user can choose many different battery configurations and mounting positions. Chassis is ready to allow us to 2s+2s 96mm lipo packs ( in case hardcore capacity is needed - as in Moravian Lemans Series when race durations is up to 15minutes).

User can choose from 2s inline, 2s shorty transversal, 2s+2s shorty transversal, 2s shorty inline forward, 2s shorty backward, 2s+2s shorty longitudinal forward or in the back. So many battery configurations to suit all racing series, surfaces stock or mod racing.

Last noticeable feature is front bumper. Made from 3mm fiberglass wide enough to protect front suspension from accidental impacts.

Everything designed to offer a very durable car that would handle well and get you to the finish line even in long modified mains.

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